L'Oca d'Oro - the Golden Goose

For those of your from other parts of the world other than Texas, L'Oca d'Oro is a small Italian restaurant in Austin that is becoming well known for it's small plates and cocktails. I feel very blessed that when my friends have an amazing cocktail they immediately think of me and doubly so that I can sometimes share the experience with them.

One of the amazing women in my world recently had a drink here that was a part of their winter menu called Bye Bye Charlie that was reminiscent of a negroni but with the addition of prosecco and fizzy water to lighten up the experience.

A group of us met up and took over a tiny little private room in the back of this restaurant and I was thankful that everyone was willing to share tastes and food so we could all experience the many flavors on this menu.

Their happy hour menu changes seasonally and I didn't have a single drink there that I didn't very much enjoy. While the Bye Bye Charlie was technically out of season the bartender was willing to whip some up for us but if you're looking for something comparable from their Spring 2017 menu I would say the 'Argento Americano' is very similar but with less fizz due to it's lack of prosecco. They still manage to keep the bitter flavor without it leaving the negative astringent aftertaste on your tongue that sometimes follows.

All in all, there wasn't a ton of selection for my gluten-free needs but everything I did have, their charcuterie, pickle plate, and fried spiced chick peas, were very well done. I love pickles and I don't think I've ever enjoyed a pickled item as much as I did their pickled plum tomatoes. A bit on the pricey end but their cocktails and snacks are all half off at happy hour. I'd say the 1.5 hour drive was completely worth it for the company and cocktails alone!